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Hi! Welcome to Kowabunga Kidz. We love planning unforgettable parties for kids! We serve Grey County and North Wellington, and surrounding areas on request. Here is the back story of how we came to be...

From planning and coordinating friend’s weddings, retirement parties, a community coffeehouse, team celebrations and birthday parties, for me, there’s been no greater joy then to celebrate life’s most cherished moments with friends and family.  

Spending most of my adult years in Kitchener-Waterloo, I became the go-to hostess for planning Oktoberfest themed parties in October, “Board Game Boxing Day” on December 26th, or any of our at-home “Rib-feasts” during the summer months.

There was never a shortage of food, music or entertainment at any of our parties.

Fast forward to when I was a home day care provider: Children’s birthday parties, Halloween parties, Christmas, Valentines Day... there was always a good excuse for setting up a bouncy castle, playing music and games and turning on the bubble machine!

My most recent children’s birthday party was attended by many parents who suggested that I do this for a living.

It then hit me: Why DON’T I do this full time?

I am aware that not everyone is as enthused about planning parties as I am, and many folks find it downright stressful and daunting to plan. What if I could combine my passion for parties and celebration, and use my talent to help ease the stress and anxiety of a busy family who while busy, still wants a fantastic party for their kid?

I believe that when you are passionate about your work, that comes through in your work. As evidence of my passion, there have been many late nights when I am up excitedly till the wee hours of the morning researching the best deal on glitter-tattoos, or a great new game to add to my line up.

And so here we are.

Hi! My name is Sarah and it would be both an honour and a pleasure to help you plan your next party. 



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