Hi! Welcome to Kowabunga Kidz. We love planning unforgettable parties for kids! We serve Grey and Bruce County, North Wellington, and surrounding areas on request. Here are some frequently asked questions:

How often do you clean the ball pit balls?

We sterilize the balls between each and every party using a commercial-grade ball washing system which scrubs each ball in a stainless steel basin using detergent and automated brushes, followed by UV light sterilization killing 99.98% of germs. 

Do you have order minimums?

We deliver on orders over $100. Your first 30 kms are free. For orders exceeding 30 kms from Neustadt Ontario, we charge a delivery fee at a rate of $1/km and orders must be a minimum of $150 to qualify for delivery. We service within 60 kms of Neustadt. For locations exceeding 60 kms, we require a $300 minimum service order.

What does my rental include?

In addition to your four hour rental, we offer free party extras when available, including complimentary play balls, beach balls and/or a mini disco light for extra fun (subject to availability). We also offer use of a chalkboard sign with balloon and use of our super-fast electric balloon inflating machine during set up. 

Are you insured?

Absolutely, yes. We carry a two million dollar insurance policy in the event of an unforeseen accident. Our policy covers our customers whenever they rent our products.

Do you require me to sign a rental agreement and liability waiver?

We do. While we do carry an insurance policy for our customer's protection, we also want to ensure that customers renting our equipment are taking any and all necessary precautions with supervising children to mitigate bodily injury and/or damage to the equipment. Read our waiver here

Do you have your TSSA license to rent bouncy castles for public events?

Not at this time. All of our bouncy castles are for residential, private use only. For TSSA exempt units for your public event or private event on public property, please click here

As per TSSA government regulation, we are unable to rent bouncy castles for the following:

  • Your private event on public property (i.e. at a park),
  • A festival or community event on public property,
  • A private party for a business or corporation
  • A nursing home, rental hall or an apartment building party room and/or outdoor grounds 

How long is a day rental for?

A rental is based on a four-hour window of time. However, if you require it for longer, make a note of it in the notes section of your booking and we will happily try to accommodate you.

Alternatively, customers may opt to keep their rental overnight for an additional $30, and we will pick up the following morning. 

In what circumstances will you cancel?

There may be times when we cannot set up your castle due to extreme weather conditions. We will not set up outdoors if wind exceeds 24 MPH, as the peg can lose grip, resulting in dangerous play conditions. Your children's safety is our top priority.

There may also be times with the soil is too soft to ensure a strong grip for pegs to properly secure a castle. We will check soil conditions while on site. 

We will work with you to save your party, by offering available indoor rental party options or offer to move your party to another date of your choosing, subject to availability. 

Do you set bouncy castles up on concrete outdoors?

We have made the decision to set up on grass outdoors exclusively. The British safety standards are the strictest in the world, and comprehensive studies indicate that if set up on concrete, there should be a minimum of 163 kg. per anchor point (6-7 anchor points total). Our vehicle is not able to accommodate these weight requirements. 

I can't find your address. Where are you located?

Because we are a mobile company without a storefront, our address is unlisted. We are based out of Neustadt, Ontario.

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